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This is a good place for a general character introduction. If you simply edit this page and go to the coding side, copy all of this. Next, go to the coding side of the character page that you're making and paste all of this. That will ensure it looks exactly the same, but you can also edit the stuff.

Appearance Edit

Hair Color, Eye Color? Tall, short? Skinny, Fat? Hair Style? Clothing? Plenty of ways to describe appearance

Personality Edit

How does the world perceive ___'s personality? How does ___ perceive their own personality? How would they react if they just found out their best friend ate their lunch? Whatever you put here, try to avoid being superficial and instead give something with substance or, you know, something with personality.

Items & Equipment Edit

What sort of items and equipment does ____ carry with him/herself? Tools, weapons, lucky charms, etc.

~ Item 1 ~ Edit

(How it is utilized)

~ Equipment 1 ~ Edit

(How it is utilized)

~ Equipment 2 ~ Edit

(How it is utilized)

Magic & Skills Edit

Basic overview of powers and skills.

~ Magic 1 ~ Edit

(How it is utilized)

~ Skill 1 ~ Edit

(How it is utilized)

~ Skill 2 ~ Edit

(How it is utilized)

History Edit

Before being introduced to the narrative, ___ was doing ___ and there were these important moments in their life that led them to where they are today.

~ Arc 1 ~ Edit

(What did they contribute? What did they do?)

~ Arc 2 ~ Edit

(What did they contribute? What did they do?)

Relationships Edit

On the one hand, you COULD go over every possible relationship, the friendly, the romantic, the enemies. I would do the most notable though.

~ Relationship 1 ~ Edit

Explain Relationship 1

~ Relationship 2 ~ Edit

Explain Relationship 2

Affiliations Edit

Basic overview of the various groups that this character is affiliated with.

~ Group 1 ~ Edit

Explain how (character) is affiliated with this group.

Trivia Edit

  • Fun fact 1
  • Fun fact 2

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Quotes Edit

  • (To ___) "___"
  • (To ___) "___"

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