The Anti Sphere is comprised of magic flowing in reverse. It's primary capacities include the negation and reflection of magic. While it can be overpowered or outsmarted, the function of this sphere is plain and simple. This sphere doesn't occur naturally, and is considered an aberration. Embracing this sphere in any capacity will severe a person's connection with all other spheres of magic.

Anti > Aether > The Circle of Six

(The Anti Sphere does well against all types of magic.)

Thematic BasisEdit

The thematic basis for the Anti Sphere is that it is magic flowing opposite to how it should. It is an aberration and serves no purpose of its own, rather its only purpose is reactionary in nature. It is a void within the world of magic.

Basic AspectsEdit

Magical nullification. This cannot be turned off, although the area of effect envelops the Anti Mage's body by default.

Advanced AspectsEdit

Magical reflection. This can be an instant reflection of whatever was used against the Anti Mage, or it can be stored for a certain period of time and then released.

Practical ApplicationsEdit

This sphere has little practical application and actually has several problems. Anti Mages are immune to magical healing of any kind and must rely on non-magical healing for aid. They are also unable to utilize any sort of utilitarian magic or activate enchantments made by others (something that even non mages are capable of).

Combat ApplicationsEdit

Anti Mages rely on wit and physicality to combat others. They can get away with no magical advantages because they are personally entirely immune to magic. Because most mages are used to using magic in combat, Anti Mages can often get an advantage by catching their foes off guard. However, more experienced mages are capable of finding ways around an Anti Mage's immunity through magic or other means.

Natural OccurancesEdit

The Anti Sphere simply doesn't occur naturally. Some think that Sovereignty is an example of the Anti Sphere, but Sovereignty is something else entirely. It is interesting to note however that all Vampires share this sphere, perhaps something about their curse causes their own internal magic system to forsake itself.


  • The Anti Sphere is most certainly not the same thing as a lack of magic. Anti Mages utilize magic, non mages do not.
  • Anti Mages are often viewed as nuisances, due to inexperienced Anti Mages (unable to control their magic) canceling out otherwise pleasant/beneficial magic within the world.