The Aether Sphere is said to be comprised of magic in its purest form. The most basic function that it possesses is the capacity to alter a person's luck. It can do much more than that however, those who utilize this sphere are capable of becoming self-made monarchs or perhaps something even greater. To wield this sphere within a person's internal magic system is absolutely impossible, and to even touch it requires something greater than an individual. Though extremely rare, this sphere does sometimes occur in nature within objects or places that receive great worship.

Anti > Aether > The Circle of Six

(The Aether Sphere does well against The Six normal spheres of magic, but has trouble with the Anti Sphere.)

Thematic BasisEdit

The Aether Sphere is a divine sphere that is said to belong to the gods. Appropriately, only those who who bear the praise, hopes, and trust of others can even touch this sphere. The number of followers or "worshipers" that an individual possesses will define both whether or not a person can access this sphere and also what they can do with it. Because of this, it is typically only kings and rulers that have access to this sphere.

Basic AspectsEdit

The singular basic aspect of this sphere is luck. An individual with a bunch of friends might notice that they are slightly luckier than most and that is the blessing of this sphere. However, the luck provided ranges from non-existent to minuscule for most, and is at best small for kings and rulers.

Advanced AspectsEdit

Many simply lack the number of followers necessary to utilize the advanced aspects of this sphere while others with sufficient followers are simply unable grasp the sphere in a malleable way. Regardless, the few rare individuals that unlock the advanced aspects of this sphere have the following to look forward to...

  • Free Casts - They can utilize magic of any sphere without a cost.
  • Blessings - They can grant blessings upon others.
  • Curses - They can enact curses upon others.
  • Judgement - The target's (subjective) sins are translated into physical pain.

(The worship received from followers functions as fuel for this sphere, use too much fuel and this sphere will become unusable until more fuel is added. There are no repercussions for trying to use this sphere on empty except for perhaps when a free cast is attempted.)

Practical ApplicationsEdit

The luck that is provided, although minuscule speaks of its own worth.

Combat ApplicationsEdit

Blessings, curses, and judgement are difficult to use during combat, but free casts are what make Aether Sphere users truly dangerous on the fields of battle.

Natural OccurancesEdit

The Aether Sphere has not been studied within nature.


  • The Aether Sphere has been responsible for many false gods throughout the history of Teilequin.
  • Despite its lofty status, the Aether Sphere is incapable of effecting the Anti Sphere.